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Untold Happiness is a Membership and Community that is going to transform your life, well-being, and business. Your Happiness Coach, Kia, will guide you through mastering your mindset, so you can get out of your own way and do what you love.


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Hi, I'm Kia! 

'Life Labs' Happiness Expert for Psychologies Magazine.

I'm a Happiness Coach, Creative Entrepreneur, and Host of Happy Hacks Podcast, which hit the iTunes #3 spot in the UK Health & Wellness charts.

I help people step into their potential, and learn the tools to lead truly happy and fulfilled lives.

In Untold Happiness you will learn how to navigate your emotions, empowering you with the ability to overcome negative thinking, and experience the outcomes you desire.

The lessons inside Untold Happiness cover all the key soul and mindset areas like managing emotions, self-love, purpose, confidence, inner-voice, boundaries, gratitude, limiting beliefs, and so much more.

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You will learn the keys to living a truly happy life, with the tools to combat any situation.


Monthly Live group coaching calls with Kia answering your questions and live coaching you.

Learn how to apply the strategies, ideas, and tools in your own life.


Each month you will receive practical support to pick the right habits for you, and to help you stick to them.


Kia has distilled years of inner-development work into the most transformative lessons and exercises, so you experience life-changing results, quickly. Your coaching is delivered in snackable lessons for you to learn at your own pace.  All lesson materials are conveniently accessible via computer, tablet, and smartphone, including easy access through the free Kajabi Mobile App.


Every week you will receive fresh content in the form of either a Life Mastery Lesson, or an exercise, a worksheet, a bite-size video teach, an audio download, or something new and different!

A variety of different formats each week keeps learning fresh and fun.

These life changing teaches are designed to provide maximum impact for little time invested.


Every month, you will ask yourself some of the most powerful questions you can explore in life!

Journaling is an approach that helps you master both your soul wealth and emotional wealth.

Kia will build your arsenal of self-coaching prompts to see yourself through any inner disturbance, as well as attain true self-realisation.


'Life is but a collection of habits', so mastering your daily habits is key to life fulfillment and happiness.

Every month Kia will share empowering habits and habit building techniques that support the month's focus.

If you would need accountability, the Untold Happiness Community Forum provides a space to buddy up. Week by week you can layer in new habits that will serve and nourish you.

Registration is Closed.

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