Creative Calling Bundle

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For just a fraction of its £680 combined value, you'll gain access to:

  • The 16-Week Artist's Way Creative Cluster
  • Kia's 9-Week Self-Paced Purpose Course
  • 1:1 Clarity Coaching With Kia
  • 5 Steps To Forgiveness Workshop.

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*Bundle Expires on Wednesday 27 Sept 2023*

You will have access to the membership, course + workshop for 6 months. 

What People Are Saying:

Now, all I want to do is find time to paint! Thank you Kia for introducing my intuitive self to me and guiding me to something I really needed in my life.


Kia has been an absolute endless source of inspiration and creative support. Her ability to intuitively guide us while also offering endless tips and new methods is a rare combination in a class.


I would never have seen myself as creative, but I’m now enjoying the things that I create from my soul - the joy!


Kia gives gentle encouragement and endless wisdom in helping you live a life you truly love.


My goodness the lessons inside the membership are amazing. Such great tools and methods to apply to everyday situations. I have since had the confidence to grow my Instagram presence - something I always wanted to do but never had the confidence, but now I am doing it! The live coaching calls are informative, make me laugh, make me think and make me determined to try anything new Kia throws at me. Thank you so so much, I have a long way to go but my goodness I have come a long way.


Kia is an empowering teacher guiding students to find their true selves, leading them to live authentically happy lives. It has been an absolute delight to learn from Kia, and follow along on her enlightenment journey. She gives clear and thought provoking lessons on listening to your inner voice, along with actionable steps to finding happiness and ease in your life.


Kia empowers women to be their authentic self creatively, spiritually and mindfully.


I had been looking for what is provided through Kia’s membership for years. The learning experience, the topics covered, the spiritual aspect, the creative aspect, the group... Everything. Thank you so much for helping my soul get the space it needed. Kia is a perfect example for the miracles that can happen when you follow your heart!


I have to say, finding Kia has changed my life.


I wanted to how much I absolutely LOVE your work - what you say always completely resonates, lights my intuition and I get a lovely sense that 'Yes! This is the truth, and this is what I need!'. I've noticed that every book you've mentioned or recommended is one I've already read and try to incorporate into my life, yet often feel frustrated with myself for not being as enlightened as Ekhart or as loyal to my spiritual practise (or faithful/surrendered) as Micky Singer! I completely love the way you amalgamate all the teachings you've learned with your own unique and authentic spin and vulnerable experiences. It's so inspiring and feels like you give permission to me and others to be our true selves too - which is such a gift, so I really wanted to express heart felt gratitude for it!


I then signed up for Untold Happiness membership and met really lovely and inspirational amazing women. Kia's shares of her own path with vulnerability and courage and her vibrant life force helped me to not give up even when I crashed. I love listening to her prompts and shares. Kia is raw and real and she's helped me to start trusting and listening to my intuition.


Kia is a path-clearer, magic maker and vibration raiser

Rachel Cronin

£225.00 GBP