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The Artist's Guide to Building a Business Using Instagram

Learn how to grow and monetise your art via Instagram.

What you'll get:

  • The Artist's Guide to Building a Business Using Instagram eBook. Value: £37
  • BONUS 1. Create a Banging Bio digital guide. Value: £10
  • BONUS 2. Video training - Practical Application of Advice. Value: £25 
  • BONUS 3. Video training - IG Critiques. Value: £25

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Total value: £97

Total value: £97

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Price: £17!

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See the reviews below! (and these reviews were given before Kia added an extra 15 pages of content and updated the entire eBook with the latest advice - as of March 2020!)

What People Are Saying:

A wonderful Ebook!! I found her advice extremely helpful and down to earth. I need to read it again with a pen in hand!!!


Oh my goodness, such an easy to read, down to earth, practical guide! Thanks so much for doing the research and sharing your tips, basically taking a whole lot of the hard work out of it for me! Now I need to get busy. Highly recommend this guide to others wanting simple clear steps to follow.


Thanks so much for writing this ebook. I love your artwork and feed, and I was excited to read your ideas!! I have read it, and I need to reread it and implement in my feed. I have been using Instagram for a couple of years but not really knowing where I was going with it... I have just really started to try and post photos of my work, not just beach and friends photos. Your ideas and your openness are great and easy to understand for us, non-techie people. It is such a great tool for sharing artwork and awesome having people from overseas inquiring and buying work. It's also handy for me as a designer always looking for original artwork as well. ! :) Best wishes. @studioj2


I LOVED this from Sticks + Ink... it instantly helped step up my insta game. Her writing is authentic and it is so obvious that she leads with her heart! She is a natural teacher and saved me so much time with her experience and advice! Thank you for being an amazingly authentic human who inspires so many daily! xo, M

Mary Aden

This was a well written quick read that I found super informative and helpful. If anything, this read has saved me time. Time I would have wasted trying figure it out "on my own". ❤️


Brilliant and well written book!! It is clearly written with passion with her down to earth personality (I love following your bubbly chats on insta stories). Her book helped me evaluate my insta page following her superb advice and a very helpful workbook sheet she included. She has inspired me so much especially with the end note on how she wrote the book! Thank you for documenting your journey and helping other artists build their brand! XO


Thank you! A quick, easy read yet filled with practical advice, tips and ideas to implement! Such a wonderful resource!


This book was worth the price in the first few pages! Very helpful insights and resources.


Love this ebook, highly recommend it for any arty instagrammers out there. The book is easy to read and full of really useful tips and hints, download it you won’t regret it :)


Read through the whole thing as soon as i purchased it. Such a helpful ebook. Filled with little tips and tricks that have inspired me to keep going in my art business journey. Such a calming vibe washed over me as i read this and thought, "for the first time, i actually believe i can do this." Thank you!


As someone new to Instagram, but with limited time to research, this book was ideal. It gave me the short cuts I was after to start creating good looking posts (or to start thinking about it). You only have to look at Sticksandinks feed to see what we can aspire to.


Recently bought this ebook. Loved it! Exactly what I needed to help me get my paintings up for people to see. And in a strategic way that’s been tested and works! I have been selling paintings since I implemented the techniques! Thank you for sharing your success with us. @tarenrebecca_art


Already read it twice! I enjoy reading about other’s processes whether that be creating or in the case of this handy little ebook, the process of sharing and connecting with others on Instagram. There’s insight and motivation and questions to inspire as well as quick ways to take action to see what can work for me as I share my own creative story on IG. Thank you Sticks + Ink!


I am so glad that I purchased this book. Not only is it clear, useful and easy to read but so many of the comments resonate with me. After feeling s little deflated recently It has renewed my determination to sell my artwork, and I feel like I know where to go next. Thank you!

Harriet Lauren Paints

I enjoyed reading this article by someone successful with Instagram!

Chris Kaitlyn

This was such a quick and easy read with so much great information! I have already put some of the tips to use. Thank you so much for putting this together and sharing your experience.


I've been a fan of this artist for a while now. I love her art for it's own sake but also her instagram is the standard I aspire to. I was over the moon when I saw that she offered this and another course, on how to market your own art on instagram. She is the kind of artist that helps everyone to rise. No wonder she shines so bright herself.

Jaime Lee Randall

I am so pleased I found your e-book. It has been so helpful for me in establishing a real genuine instagram following - thank you for sharing your trials and tribulations and for your helpful hints - I still have a long way to go to improve on my feed and feel that I am heading in the right direction


❤Where do I start?! The book was to the point, well written, and easy to understand. There were so many a-ha moments that I had while reading and I woke up the next morning super INSPIRED. I have already started seeing results by using the tips and tricks that were mentioned in the book, and I am amazed! I'm very happy I made the purchase and I can't wait to see my business grow!

Summer Arrow

Have been looking for a concise, easy to follow, one stop "guide" to using Instagram for a new business and have definitely found it! Kia has done a great job explaining her own success strategy, even including links and apps that have helped her along the way. It totally makes sense why she has done so well...her artwork is amazing and she has learnt the right strategy to market her work to her target customers!