Tools and conversations to enable you to honour your soul purpose, strengthen your intuition and create your dream life. 


Live Monthly Sessions

7pm UK / 8pm CET / 11am PAC / 2pm EST

Live Masterclass

On the first or second Wednesday of each month, Kia delivers a Live Coaching Masterclass to uplevel your life, and offers a live coaching Q&A, and a chance to socialise with other members at the end of the session. 

Live Sacred Space Appointment

On the third or forth Wednesday of the month Kia guides you into relaxing inner-voice work. This potent relaxing session lasts 25 mins.

Bonus Sessions

Kia runs bonus sessions throughout the year - it might be a guided Belief Work session or something new. These workshops last about 60 minutes. 

Hi, I'm Kia! 

Columnist for Psychologies Magazine.

I'm an Intuition Teacher, Mindset Mentor, Creative Entrepreneur, and Host of Happy Hacks Podcast, which hit the iTunes #3 spot in the UK Health & Wellness charts.

Want to honour your soul purpose and really enjoy your life? I made this for you.

In Partnership With..

Oh - one more thing.

You're also getting Kia’s incredible video training on… “How To Heal Any Hurt” Forgiveness Workshop which shows you 5 simple steps to clearing emotional blocks that are holding you and your business back.

"Kia motivates, inspires and supports. She offers great advice and is a really positive influence for times when you may doubt yourself or your vision. She brings a big picture, almost spiritual, mentality combined with practical tips and well informed advice from her own experience and success."

April Vale
April Vale Art


The learning has been purposely designed to deliver the right amount of content, in bite-size portions, to fit around a busy life and offer you fast results. 

You have total flexibility to enjoy this content however it suits you best. Here are some ideas of how you can experience the content at your own pace: 

You can pop in once a week or, a couple of times a week, and absorb the material in small pieces.

Or, you can make it part of a Sunday self-care ritual, and set aside 20 minutes or longer as a weekly ritual. 

Or, You can clear an afternoon once a month, and go head long into learning and inner-development work by covering all of the material in one go, and making it a little monthly retreat of your own.  

Most people like to pop in for a couple of minutes most mornings for a hit of encouragement and inspiration, scheduling in a time in their diary each week to look forward to diving in and learning some life mastery lessons.

All lesson materials including video teaches, self-mastery exercises, guided audio's, self-realization assignments, and bonus content are available in your Untold Happiness Membership Library.

All content can be conveniently accessed via Computer, Tablet, and Smart Phone. There is a free Kajabi Mobile App available, which allows you direct access to your Membership Library, where you can watch courses, save your progress, and connect with fellow members in your community no matter where you are. It's available through the App Store and Google Play.

First of all, this is this isn’t you’re usual online course or membership it’s battle tested tools that give you fast results, plus its super quick to consume.

The reason why is because there's no fluff or filler. It immediately gets down to brass tacks, showing you exactly what to think, what to do next, and how to make lasting change in your life.  

Plus, it's easy to fit into your life.  

Our monthly session sets the theme, delivers the content and you have the rest of the month to schedule the practise and learning whenever it suits.

And you'll immediately learn the entire methodology I personally used to realize dreams that have been on my vision board for 15 years in a fraction of the time.

Do you ever feel..

  • Like you're not good enough?
  • Like you don't know enough?
  • Like a qualification would give you the confidence you need.
  • You want to listen to your soul but don’t know how?
  • You think you know what you want, but not 100% sure?
  • Like you’re living on top of a quiet feeling of desperation?
  • You just want to be happy?
  • Like you were meant for big things but have no idea how to get there?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this membership was made for you.

Let me make something abundantly clear, this isn’t a magic wand that promises you a transformation for doing nothing. 

Here’s the deal. The tools I teach inside this membership are working great for me and my members and I believe they can help you too, but I’m not suggesting that everyone or anyone who participates is going to get the same results. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All self-development requires consistent effort and action.

All Masterclasses and Sacred Space Appointments are recorded, so you can watch or re-watch at your convenience.

Self-Paced Courses & Lessons To Enjoy At Your Leisure 


BETA How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome (4 Week Course)

Discover why you self-sabotage and what to do about it. After this course you will have the tools to talk yourself into doing the things that scare you most but will lead to growing yourself and your business if you have one.


Instagram School (5 Course Programme)

Learn how to create an account people want to follow, what to post that will attract people seeking what you offer, as well as how to grow and monetise your business.


Kia's 5 Pillar Philosophy to Happiness

The 5 Pillars to stepping into your power.  These 5 mini lessons introduce you to Kia's 5 Pillar Philosophy to Happiness - Loving yourself, doing your Belief Work, connecting to you inner-voice, finding your purpose and cultivating the confidence to follow your dreams.


Private Instagram Community

Kia share's stories and posts to compliment the material covered in the membership, and also shares posts that allow members to comment and connect with each other.

This membership attracts women who are curious about living a soul-led life and developing their mindset. Inside the membership you'll find painters, coaches, women who work in corporate, business owners, spiritually curious women, and ladies who've been in the spiritual and self-growth world for decades. What bonds us all is our desire to consistently do work that leads us to living a happy, fulfilled, soul-led life. Members beam in from all over the world.

More about what others are saying about Kia...

"It has been an absolute delight to learn from Kia, and follow along on her enlightenment journey. She gives clear and thought provoking lessons on listening to your inner voice, along with actionable steps to finding happiness and ease in your life. She gives tools on improving your mind-set, getting out of your own way, and creating the life that feels best and most at ease for you. I feel as though Kia has done (and continues to do) the work to get through her own personal struggles and limiting beliefs, and honestly wants to help as many people as she can get through their struggles to find happiness and ease in life."

Julie Hawkins
Julie Hawkins Art Inc.

"I joined Kia's membership just after Christmas. My goodness the lessons inside the membership are amazing, mostly maximum 8 minutes so I can slot them into my busy day really easily. Such great tools and methods to apply to everyday situations. I have since had the confidence to grow my Instagram presence - something I always wanted to do but never had the confidence, but now I am doing it! The live coaching calls are informative, make me laugh, make me think and make me determined to try anything new Kia throws at me. Thank you so so much, I have a long way to go but my goodness I have come a long way. Thank you so so much! "

Megan Forbes
Megan Forbes Interiors

"Kia is a path-clearer, magic maker, and vibration raiser."

Rachel Cronin
Artist + Teacher

"Kia empowers women to be their authentic self creatively, spiritually and mindfully. "

Karen Heritage
Heritage & Green

"Kia gives gentle encouragement and endless wisdom in helping you live a life you truly love."

Aly Morgan
Seek + Be

Membership Options:




You Can Leave Anytime

Each month:

  • Live Masterclass and Q&A.
  • Live Candlelit Sacred Space Session.

In addition to:

  • BONUS: The Forgiveness Workshop
  • BONUS: Private Instagram Community
  • Library of previous Masterclasses, Workbooks, Lessons and Worksheets. 



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£63 Savings a Year!


  • Includes All The Same Great Content At A Convenient Annual Discounted Rate

"I had been looking for what is provided through Kia’s membership for years. The learning experience, the topics covered, the spiritual aspect, the creative aspect, the group... Everything. Thank you so much for helping my soul get the space it needed. Kia is a perfect example for the miracles that can happen when you follow your heart! "

Desiree Kortvelyessy

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