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Hi, I'm Kia and I teach women how to connect to their intuition and align with their purpose.

Abandoned your creative self?

My art classes will connect you to your intuition + unleash the creative confidence you've been longing for.

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Autumn Term starts 16 Sept '22 and enrolment has just opened!


"I have to say, Kia has changed my life"

Lisa Fleming 

How Kia Can Help You Thrive

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Learn Intuitive Painting with Kia LIVE on Fridays.

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Take Kia's self-paced course Passage To Purpose

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Kia is an experienced speaker who naturally inspires and energises her audience. She is available to speak at your next workshop, seminar, or give a keynote address. She gives talks and workshops on topics such as, 'How to Uncover Your Purpose', 'How to Make Decisions from Your Heart Not Your Head', and 'Women Who Rest.'

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Which reached the #3 spot in UK iTunes charts for Health & Wellness.

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Get Onto The Path To Your Purpose

Over the course of 9 weeks you will be guided by Kia on a journey of self-discovery and learning to connect to your inner-compass. At the end of the course you will finally be on the path to your purpose.


Learn Intuitive Painting

Our Autumn Classes kick off on 16 Sept '22! Join Kia virtually on Fridays at 1pm UK or via the replay and learn how to shut down your inner-critic and paint from your heart.



Take Kia's 5-day Intuitive Painting Workshop. Perfect for beginners. 

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What People Say About Kia

Valerie Jengo Marsh Smiling

Valerie Jego Marsh

"I have been a self-help junkie for years, read many books, attended many courses, but Kia still manages to surprise me with new concepts or perspectives. She also has a wonderful community and I really enjoy our online socials. Kia is real, relatable and shows by example. She is like the best friend you wish you had in real life. This is a membership I am not quitting any time soon"

Karen Heritage Smiling while walking outdoors

Karen Heritage

"Kia empowers women to be their authentic self creatively, spiritually and mindfully."

Aly Morgan Smiling

Aly Morgan

"Kia gives gentle encouragement and endless wisdom in helping you live a life you truly love."

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Self-Empowerment for the Creative Woman. 

Kia helps women achieve alignment with their soul-purpose by connecting to their intuition and developing a killer mindset.

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