25min Tarot & Oracle Virtual Readings


25 min virtual session via Zoom.

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"Kia is a path-clearer, magic maker, and vibration raiser."

- Rachel Cronin

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What Others Are Saying About Kia

Ceramic Bowls by Lisa Fleming


"Thank you so much for my reading Kia.  It was so accurate in what is going on in my life right now, and gave me lots to think about."

Michelle Valente Smiling


"Thank you Kia. Wow wow wow. So much in this. Thank you"

Desiree Kortvelyessy Smiling by the ocean


"My reading has a lot of resonance for me and gives me a lot of encouragement, thank you."

Desiree Kortvelyessy Smiling by the ocean


"That was a very encouraging reading for me at this moment in my life. Really made me feel good."

Carrie, NZ

Kia is so incredibly intuitive, she was able to tap into the essence of me and provide real insight into my current and future possibilities. Her delivery is insightful, enlightening and uplifting, and I highly recommend investing in a session with Kia!

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