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Psychologies Magazine Video Series - How to Do What You Love: Video 1


In the first instalment of my video series for Psychologies Magazine on How to Do What You Love I talk about doing what you hate, why we do it and why it's not worth it. 

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Happy Hacks Podcast EP54: The JOY of fear, courage and shame! 


Hey folks

In this episode I recount my experience of stepping wildly out of my comfort zone and doing the something I had never done before, the triumph of it, followed by the shame of realising maybe I’d not quite done as good a job as I thought, rounded off with some of the mindset tools I used to thrive through the process! 


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Happy Hacks EP53: "The world needs what you need to create"



Hey folks

In this episode, I had the absolute pleasure of talking with Cassie of Wanderlust Skulls.

Cassie creates the most beautiful art - hand-painted buffalo and longhorn skulls in-fact, she not only paints them but adorns them with crystals, gold accents, all with the most incredible balance and magic. 

We talk openly about our belief systems, God, self-worth, valuing your craft, creative intuition and Cassie shares tons of value with practical tips and advice for creatives just starting out or hitting blocks.

You don't need to be creative to get a ton of value from her insight and experience around finding her purpose and honouring the call to do a thing that’s whispering inside you to do, or explore.

Sit back and enjoy an hour of honesty and inspiration.


About Cassie

Cassie Everson-Martin is the creative visionary behind Wanderlust Skulls. A mid-western wife and mother, she finally gave into the god-given talents of her artistry in fall of...

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